Unblur the Lines is an interactive social campaign aimed at separating church and state. Focused on four case studies, the campaign breaks down current political and religious tensions and encourages individuals to conduct their own research to determine the difference between fact and faith.
A collaborative social campaign by Caitlin Scheib, Dylan Gutierrez, Grace Marcy, Maia Primerano, and Sia Tyagi.
 Featured In:
SCADmosaic Showcase 2023
The Problem: 
Religion in Politics has skewed the original purpose of religion. In turn, religion now holds influence over inner political workings.
The Solution: 
To create a platform that shows the issues caused by the current integration of religion and politics and encourages people to conduct their own research.
The Call To Action:
#lookitup #knowthefacts
Encourage people to do their research on topics before participating in religious or political debates and potentially spreading misinformation.
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